Everything new starts with “Now what?”

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I’m Dora, a 22 years old Brazilian girl that just graduated with a degree in publicity and marketing. I have now been working with an amazing company called Startup Nation AcadeMe. I’ll explain exactly how my life has changed since trying new thinwrite my essay rapid www.theessayclub.comgs and become more innovative in my career.

My journey began the moment I asked myself “now what?”.

Before graduating, I was so desperate to get a good job, start my career, and practice everything I was learning, but it was difficult. Especially when considering the economic situation in Brazil, which was only getting worse. Meaning opportunities were far and few for me.

Every individual in my generation knows (high levels of anxiety and depression can confirm!) that this new world is becoming more and more competitive. When your country doesn’t give you chances to grow, you have basically 2 options: get totally frustrated and accept anything to get money (which is not much) or try to differentiate yourself from others. That was the moment I realised I had to do something different, new and interesting. I’m not saying you have to spend a lot of money in amazing courses or exchange programs, but search for opportunities! Go on, don’t be afraidof getting out of your comfort zone. This world is full of amazing things, but you have to look for them.

In my case, I searched for an exchange program, internship, special courses, any opportunities that would allow me to go abroad. That is only if I could find a grant, discount, something that would help me to reach those opportunities. I looked for a place that could give me those experiences, yet one stood out most: Israel! What a brilliant idea moving to the most innovative country in the modern world. A beautiful place with amazing and warm people, very similar to Brazilians. PER-FECT!

I got a grant for an internship program and started this amazing experience. I went to interviews with the companies I was interested with. One of them accepted me pretty much right away (at the end of the call, I had my answer). I wasn’t sure yet, but the possibility seemed likely.

So I had my interview with Startup Nation AcadeMe. The co-founders Eti and Yoav asked me a lot of questions, talked about their business (which is one of the best and most efficient companies in creating White Label digital accelerators) and at the end I thought it was going well. But then Eti said “You are young and don’t have much experience in our field. I’m worried that you won’t be able to deal with this work”. Can you imagine my face or how I felt? I was shocked! In that moment I realized they were really professional, serious in their work. It wasn’t just a simple internship; it was real life!

You may wonder what I answered to that remark. I said “Trust me, I may not know much, but I REALLY want to learn! I’m very open-minded and proactive in all that I do.”. Yoav talked with Eti after our interview and said that perhaps she has been very tough and direct. In her mind, she said, they just needed to be transparent and clear.  Well, it worked ! This is everything I needed – a challenge and the will to prove myself. Also, I made an consult about it in Brazil using the Systemic Constellation Method (created by Bert Hellinger) and the result we had was Startup Nation AcadeMe is the best choice for sure, you’ll learn a lot and will be really happy”.

PS: The business world is searching for proactive people, but almost everyone is stuck in the comfort zones. If you want to be different, you have to move, try without the fear of failing. Do your best, don’t hesitate, you can learn new things anytime, even if you fail now. Life is about learning.

Now you know my story, how and why I came to Israel. You must be wondering “ok, what is the connection to the technological innovation, startup, business…”.

As I said, Startup Nation AcadeMe was founded by 2 amazing entrepreneurs. Both of them has a magnificent CV, plus a lot of experience and knowledge. They created an amazing White Label digital accelerator adjusted for different clients (companies, governments, municipalities, universities/colleges, etc.) under their name and brand, in various domains (AI, Cyber, Big Data, Foodtech, Edutech…). Basically, they provide a digital platform where the client can find mentors to help with their businesses, professional methods, content, and networking with startups worldwide to create an amazing ecosystem. Bringing innovation to a company is expensive, you need the right knowledge and the best experts. That’s why Startup Nation AcadeMe is different! We have the most amazing networking, the best mentors, advanced platforms and more!

In this blog I’ll share all the knowledge I will be acquiring from this experience, inspiration histories from various entrepreneurs and beautiful pictures/news from Israel, also provide excellent content for companies and business people. You will get access to interesting data and be updated occasionally with information driven from Startup Nation AcadeMe knowledge.

Hopefully we will help people to be more innovative in their business and own lives.

Please don’t hesitate to approach us with questions, suggestions, send content and be part of our blog. This blog is for you.

Toda, thank you, obrigada!